IQ gig

Emma and I went to see IQ this evening. IQ are a band who’ve been around for nearly 25 years now – a Prog outfit who emerged at the same time as Marillion. They are an impressive band, both live and on album. I was introduced to them by my old uni mate Dave, who I tend to see on an annual basis now when we make the trip to the Classic Rock Society’s Band Of The Year awards. IQ played at the awards last year and I have to say that I was pretty impressed – even more so when I bought their latest album, Dark Matter.

The gig was great. Emma said she’d go with me, as none of the guys in the band wanted to go – Chris was brushing up on lyrics for tomorrow’s gig, Nick was generally knackered after a night out last night, and Andy was nursing a tooth infection he’s developed. Additionally (and fundamentally), I think they’re all bored of being dragged along to Prog gigs :-). Nevertheless, Andy very kindly agreed to baby sit Murron and Philippa whilst Emma and I had a rare night out together on our own. The gig was at Bilston, near Wolverhampton, so it was approximately 45 minutes away on the motorbike. I knew Emma would enjoy the ride there and back (as did I) and she also enjoyed the gig to the point where she didn’t want to go when I suggested we went at the start of the encore to avoid the main traffic leaving the venue.

Anyway, I have to say that IQ are one of the finest bands I’ve ever seen live, and they have the very important (in my mind anyway) ability to be able to enjoy themselves and entertain, not taking themselves too seriously, whilst playing very complex songs very well. It was the new drummer’s first gig with them too and he played a blinder. Looking forward to seeing them again later this year.