BAiT at The Golden Cross and John joins LiveJournal

BAiT played The Golden Cross last night in support of The Satin Dolls. We played our shorter, eight song set to quite a good reception from friends and strangers alike, despite the monitoring problems. I thought The Satin Dolls were pretty good – definitely a very lively band on stage, which is always good from the audience’s point-of-view. If anything, that’s where we (BAiT) are a little weak, because we’re so fixed on conveying the music as best and we can, and some of it is pretty tough stuff to play. Still, I suppose that this will improve over time. We have to really get back into the routine of playing live and then we can think more about the showmanship side of things.

All the entries to date were originally created manually on my website, but I’ve finally bitten the bullet, and, following some peer pressure from my friend Jack, I’ve decided to move the whole of my blog over to LiveJournal, to make posting new entries a little less hassle.

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  1. You were better than the dolls. But their lead singer was very likable.

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