Trip to Ashford and BAiT gig at the Jailhouse, Coventry

I attended a meeting regarding our new company website in Ashford, Kent today. I left home at 06:40 this morning to ensure that I arrived at Ashford for 10:00 and decided to go by motorbike, so that I could avoid any holdups on the motorway. In the event, I arrived at 09:30. The meeting lasted a couple of hours and than I headed back home. The journey was okay, but I did get a battering from the wind when I got to the M6 and the heavens opened for the last ten minutes of the journey. Fortunately, I was back in time to prepare for this evening’s gig at the Jailhouse, Coventry.

We (the band) arrived, as requested, at 17:30 in order to set up and sound check. In the event, the headline band failed to show up for a couple of hours, so we had to wait for them to arrive before we soundchecked. As the first band on, we soundchecked last and all the mixer settings were just right when we took to the stage. Again, we suffered from poor vocal monitor mixes, but at least we weren’t deafened on stage this time. The gig went well, despite a recurrence of guitar (and this time bass) technical issues. We really need to get the bottom of what’s causing these problems. All in all though, a good and fun gig, which made up for the gig we had at the Colosseum.

The second act on, Leni Ward, was a solo singer / multi-instrumentalist, who I thought was very good. We spoke for quite a while after we had both finished our sets and it sounds like she is really going to develop her act to incorporate piano, harp, backing tracks, and the like for her future gigs. I told her about the Jon Anderson gig I saw recently and how I was impressed with what he managed to do with a MIDI guitar, a keyboard, and some pedals. Look forward to seeing her again when she’s developed this aspect of her act.