Passed my LGV theory test

Yay! That’s another hurdle surmounted in my quest to get my LGV (formerly HGV) licence. I passed my LGV theory test today.

The theory test is in two parts: the first part is a multiple choice test of 35 questions. I got one question wrong (same as my motorcycle test when I did that three years ago); the second part of the test is one I’d never done before – the hazard awareness test. When I sat my car test in 1989 there was no theory test and when I did my motorcycle theory test three years ago there was no hazard perception component part to the theory test.

The hazard perception test comprises 14 video clips, each of which portrays various developing hazards in a driving situation. These developing hazards must be identified in order to score points; the earlier a hazard is identified, the higher the score – up to a maximum five points per clip. I managed to score 66/75 in this part of the test, so it all went pretty well.

Next is the practical stuff. Got to sort out some lessons somewhere locally.