LGV Class C+E (HGV Class 1) retest day

I retook my LGV Class C+E (or HGV Class 1 – artic) driving test today at the early time of 08:45, having failed on my first attempt a few days ago.

This time, I got the reversing part of the test right. Once that was over, I breathed a small sigh of relief, even though it was only the first thing I did on the test.

The rest of the test went fairly smoothly, if not brilliantly. I made 9 minor faults, which is the most I’ve made in a test. Fortunately, you’re allowed up to 16. Once I’d done the trailer change back at the test station, which is done after the road driving, I felt it had gone reasonably well, and was chuffed to bits when the examiner told me I’d passed.

Thank God for that. No more driving around Northampton, no more driving tests, and no more stress!


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  1. Woo hoo! Go John!

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