Kill Clouseau – The First Gig

Yesterday evening, BAiT’s spin-off covers band, Kill Clouseau, comprising Declan, Chris, Nick, and I from BAiT played our first gig at BAiT’s old regular haunt, the Radford Semele Sports and Social Club, just outside Leamington Spa.

The place hasn’t changed since BAiT last played there on New Year’s Eve, 2002, on the occasion of Dan’s last gig with BAiT.

We did a really good job, even if I do say so myself, and were very well received by members of the audience, many of whom remembered BAiT very well and I think had developed a soft spot for us.

It’s great to just be able to play some live music again in front of an audience. I don’t really care that it’s not original stuff – that’s why BAiT exists – to cater for our artistic whims, but the reality is that it’s a criminal waste to be a musician and to hardly be playing live at all. Kill Clouseau looks like it is going to provide a lot of fun for us all based on yesterday, will improve our stage craft, musicianship, and frankly I’d be telling porky-pies if I said that the pocket money doesn’t come in handy.

Having finally got to bed at 03:00, I didn’t wake up until around 10:30 this morning. Had a message from Ross, asking if I wanted to pop over so that he could play with the electrics on our motorbikes to add provision for the powering of various devices from the bike itself. He ended up putting three bullet sockets on my bike, so that I can now power the Autocom, the Kenwood TK3201 transceiver, and my MP3 player. Great job done there, I have to say. Makes me a little frustrated that I don’t know more about electronics. Must buy me a book…