Clooney the diplomat

So George Clooney has spoken out about the situation in Darfur and tried to ‘shame’ the UN Security Council into action.

Whilst I applaud the sentiment behind his plea, what the hell gives George Clooney the right to address the UN Security Council? Is he the best person to be doing this? I must have missed something, because the last I knew, the guy was an actor.

As I watched his plea, I couldn’t help but think about the film ‘Team America’, which takes a swipe at actors who speak up over political issues, and George Clooney in particular. In this instance, no-one can deny that Clooney’s heart is in the right place and he does mean well, but where are the people who actually have a little more knowledge on the subject? These people do exist. Politicians generally have a particular issue on which they are pretty clued-up – more so than Clooney could ever be, given his acting demands. If Clooney left the acting world to pursue a career in politics, I’d have a bit more time for the guy, but for the moment, his appearance is as significant as those pop and rock stars who opposed the Iraq war – completely irrelevant.

Entertainers should stick to entertaining – sure, vent off if you like, but an audience with the UN Security Council?