BAiT frustration and guitar plucking

I’m afraid I lost it a bit today with my band mates from BAiT. We were due to meet up this evening to start work on writing some new material. As it turns out, our bass player, Andy couldn’t make it and has said he can now only make one evening a week, instead of the customary two. Our guitarist, Chris, said that he didn’t want to turn up if one of the instrumentalists in the band couldn’t make it. The keyboard player, Nick, and I would have been happy to work as the three of us, just to make some progress, but Chris dug his heels in. I’m afraid I threw my rattle out of the pram a bit and said what I consider to be a few home truths. In any event, I made a bit of a dribbling arse of myself and probably caused some undue hurt.

By the end of the working day, I’d resolved to leave the band and was calm about this decision. When I got home, Murron overheard me tell Emma that I planned to leave and burst out crying, saying that she didn’t want me to leave. I received a rather nice email from Nick a few minutes later, which made me feel a little less alienated and pretty much calmed me down about the whole thing. By the time I phoned to speak to Nick about everything, I had settled down a bit and resolved to accept the situation and the fact that it will now certainly take us twice as long to write new material.

In any event, I’ve had a renewed spurt of energy to get on with my solo album as an outcome of this and so I started to try to get to grips with my electric guitar this evening, teaching myself all the basic major chords, which I had memorised and could play after an hour or so, albeit not very well. So, after all, things worked out quite well and I’m looking forward to making progress with my album.