Archbishop Foot-In-Mouth

The Archbishop of Canterbury has just settled my mind once and for all. This country needs to be properly secularised and disestablished. For any religion to be considered relevant to this country’s statute book at any level, it should be proven to exist. No exemptions!

It’s farcical that we continue to have any link between Church and State in the 21st century. Until the Archbishop opened his mouth, I was (relatively) happy to live with an established church. Now I’ve seen the writing on the wall and it sickens me – a vicar’s son!

It’s not that I have a problem with our institutions receiving suggestions from religious groups, but that is as far as things should go.

“Well, Mr Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, Sikh, Hindu, Jedi, etc… Thanks for your input… we’ll let you know…” – that’s how it should work.


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  1. Anonymous2008-03-24 at 17:41

    Nothing New
    Are you aware that the church and it dogma delayed scientific thinking and experiment in this country and within Europe and delayed the industrial revolution!?

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