Baby scan, car, and garage door

Had the final baby scan today before the big event at the end of next month. All is well and the baby is growing exactly as expected. We even managed to come away with a scan picture (unusual at this stage of the pregnancy). We asked for the doctor to confirm what sex the baby was, and she confirmed that it is a boy, as we had been told at the outset, so at least I’ll have some backup at home now when the girls gang up.

Car went in for and failed its MOT on a front nearside spring and faulty number plate light. Not a major job to fix and get through, but more expense at a time when we could do without it.

The garage door broke towards the end of last week. It’s an up-and-over design and has always been a bit temperamental, but this time it really ballsed up and I had to come home from work to sort it out. Having pondered having an automatic roller door, I organised for a local company to come in and quote for such a door today. They seemed pretty much the best price wise and seemed like nice enough people, so I went with them. The new door won’t arrive for another three weeks, but they’re going to fix our current door free of charge. Looking forward to being able to just press a button to open and close the door. It should offer better security and be much easier when I’m on the motorbike and want to get in and out of the garage easily.