Birth of Tristan Chivers

After more than 12 hours’ labour, Emma gave birth to our third child today, a boy we have named Tristan Alexander Paddy Chivers.

He was born at 11:45 this morning and weighed in at 3.3 kg (or 7lb 4 oz in old money). I am of course duty bound to say that he’s a little cutie.

We went up to the hospital at just before midnight last night, following the onset of contractions and Emma was initially examined to see how far the baby had progressed. The verdict was ‘-3 cm’ and we were advised that it would probably be worth returning home and waiting until the contractions were much more severe before coming in, given how near we live to the hospital. So we went home, only to return less than an hour later, following what were to Emma some quite severe contractions.

She was examined again and indeed the baby had made quite some movement, so we stayed at the hospital. For the rest of the night very little movement occurred and the contractions were extremely irregular. By the time dawn came, we had both been awake for 24 hours and were pretty much exhausted. We were handed over to the next midwife shift and were looked after by a qualified midwide, Amanda and a student midwife, Jayne.

Amanda and Jayne (and all the other midwives who looked after us) were absolutely fantastic and were happy to ply us with hot drinks in addition to all their midwifery duties. They went out of their way to make Emma feel comfortable and really did a marvelous job all round.

From the early hours of the morning until mid morning, there was very little movement and the contractions were quite irregular.

By 11:00, the doctor on duty advised the midwives to try to move the contractions on using the hormone Syntosin and Emma also asked for pethadine as a pain killer. In the event, once the Syntosin and Pethadine had been administered, things moved along very quickly. At 11:45, Emma suddenly said that she felt she wanted to push and within a minute the baby was born – an extremely quick birth once it was underway. Emma was fantastic and the midwives commented on how easy she made it look.

Once things had settled down and Emma had had a bath I made a few phone calls to family, came home, had a shower, and grabbed a couple of hours’ sleep. Emma’s mum, Joyce, who is staying with us at the moment to help out, very kindly picked up the girls from school whilst I grabbed this opportunity before I returned to pick up Emma and Tristan from the hospital this evening. The orthopaedic doctor checked him over and then we were allowed to go.

I filmed the girls’ first meeting with their new baby brother and Joyce’s first meeting with her grandson.

I’ve got nothing but praise for the professionalism and skills of the labour ward staff at George Eliot hospital.

A wonderful day, witnessing the birth of a new life and our first son. I’m absolutely exhausted and am going to turn in very soon to catch up on some sleep, assuming that Tristan consents to oblige!


  1. Congratulations, sir!

  2. It’s all true: saw the micro-tot today, “Aaar”, he said, in response to some inane prodding from myself;
    He’s clearly destined for the high seas.

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