Arrival in Shetland

Awoke just as Shetland came into view this morning. I quickly got dressed and went out on the top deck with the girls, to be joined a short time later by Emma and Tristan. The skies were clear and gave a good view of our arrival at 07:30.

On arrival, we headed down to the car deck, drove off the ship and headed to Paul and Teresa’s, arriving there just in time for breakfast. Paul and Teresa’s children (Kate, Maddy, and Tom) have all grown noticably in the last year.

We all walked down to nearby Ocraquoy beach at around midday and spent an hour and a half or so just walking around the rock pools and looking at some of the small sea creatures around. The kids saw a Beadlet anemone and named it Squirt.

This afternoon, we headed into Lerwick, and to the usual shops the kids go for – the Pirrie Shop and the Crystal Cave, as featured in John Shuttleworth’s film ‘It’s Nice Up North’. Sad to learn that the Crystal Cave is shutting down at the end of the year. We then went to the Shetland Museum and Archive Centre and had a quick look around. Paul now works there on a part-time basis.