St Ninian’s and Sumburgh Head

Not a great start to the day weather-wise today, but by the mid afternoon the sun had burnt off the clouds and the weather had turned very nice, so we headed over to St Ninian’s Isle and the beach that joins the island (or peninsula) to the mainland by the largest active tombolo in the UK.

Had a very pleasant time there. The kids played in the sea and we had a few beach-based games, including a game of beach cricket, which became quite tiring pretty quickly, due to the softness of the sand. Last year, Emma and I had paid a fleeting visit here, but had not stayed, because we were in full bike gear. This time, it was great to be able to enjoy the beach – and nobody got sunburnt, mainly due to the application of copious amounts of sun cream.

Afterwards, we headed to Sumburgh Head and walked up to the lighthouse to see the puffins and other birds that make the rock faces their home.