Lerwick and shipped back to Aberdeen

Spent our final day in Shetland in Lerwick, where we bought a few last-minute souvenirs and gifts, before briefly heading back to Paul and Teresa’s and then onwards to the ferry terminal via the Shetland Museum, where Paul now works on a part-time basis.

We said our good-byes outside the museum, Kate and Murron becoming quite tearful and then made our way to the ferry terminal, and, after what seemed like a long wait, onto the Hjaltland, for the return journey to Aberdeen.

The trip back was slightly more rough than the trip over had been and Murron became sea-sick, blocking our sink in the process. Eventually, as we were about to arrive at our stop off in Kirkwall, Orkney, I told a member of the crew that our sink was blocked and they duly sent a crew member round to unblock it, which he did in very little time – obviously, it’s a common occurrence, but we were a bit annoyed with Murron for not spewing in the toilet, as we had instructed her.