Aberdeen to Home

We arrived on time in Aberdeen this morning. I got up and got dressed quickly, but Emma and the girls were a little slow in getting out of our cabin and going down to the lower car deck to move our car when we were called to do so, so I was named and shamed over the tannoy. Tsk!

We decided to drive back via Oxenhope and then head down the M1, rather than take the M6 all the way back home and risk hitting the Birmingham area at rush hour – this added a few miles to the journey, but meant that we could break it up a little more and would also probably be a little more picturesque, necessitating, as it did, a quick trip through the Dales.

Stopped off at Mum and Dad’s grave in Oxenhope to check that all was well there. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great, Murron was upset, and there was a general ‘down’ mood in the car, so it wasn’t the nicest journey home, but, after hitting the Bradford/Leeds area at the worst possible time, we did make it home at last – tired and ready for a good sleep.