Final Gig With The Malc Evans Band

This evening and played my final gig with the Malc Evans band. We played for the second time at Cox’s Yard in Stratford upon Avon. The band, which has comprised Malc, Steve and I was augmented this evening with the backing vocals of Jacqueline, who looks like becoming a fulltime member of the Malc Evans band for future gigs. It was a bittersweet evening. I had a quick conversation with Steve regarding the position of bass player in Ministry Of Beaver before the gig and we played a couple of games of pool.

It wasn’t long before we talk to the stage and played probably the best set I have played with the band to date. Before one of the numbers Malc announced to the audience that it was my final gig with the band and dedicated the song to me, which was a nice gesture. However, I was surprised to see the other three members of the band on stage all wearing cardboard cutout heads of my own face. I hadn’t expected that!

The gig went really well and I thoroughly enjoyed playing for Malc and the band for this final time. I will miss playing with the band, but hope to see them as a member of the audience for some future performances when I’m not too busy with other things.

I have become good friends with Malc and Steve and I will miss playing drums with them both on stage. They are both very talented musicians and songwriters. For my brief time with Jacqueline, she seems like she will add a very valuable extra set of vocals to the band for its future performances.