The Beaver Gets A New Bass Player

My band, Ministry Of Beaver, found its elusive new bass player this evening.

After several auditions, which have ranged from the comical to the very talented, we finally auditioned a player this evening who combines the qualities we require; namely, a good musical ear, a technically proficient bass player, and someone with whom we feel we can work in a professional but fun atmosphere.

Paddy, the successful candidate, arrived with three basses and his own bass rig.  He instantly impressed us with his confident style of playing and more importantly, the fact that he was able to play more songs than we had planned for the audition, without too many problems.

Mark, Andi, and I were all pretty much decided by the end of the audition that Paddy was the right person for the job.  Following the rehearsal Andi and I stayed back a while and chatted with Paddy, who really does seem like he will fit in well.

We’re looking forward to starting rehearsals with Paddy next week.  In the meantime there will be a somewhat sad transition as Rod gears up to play his last gig with the Mimistry Of Beaver, a band with whom he has played for the last six years.  It’s even sadder that he won’t be playing bass following his departure from the band, but has decided to put his full effort into running now that he’s got the book.